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National River Family Health Organization

With our evolution to the National River Health Network, the method by which the Ontario Ministry of Health pays your doctor has changed. We are no longer paid each time we see you, but instead receive an annual fee to care for you. This system rewards your doctor for keeping you healthy and has many implications […]


Preparing for a Visit to the Nation River Health Clinic

Bring your health card. Bring all of your pills , both prescription and over the counter. Bring a list of any health professionals you have seen since your last visit to us. Bring a companion if you have trouble hearing, remembering or understanding instructions given to you by your doctor. Bring a list of questions […]


No-Scalpel Vasectomy Information

Please review the following documents when considering a Vasectomy. PDF Documents: Vasectomy Information Pre-Operative Preperation Post-Operative Instructions Video: CAUTION: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN! We suggest you browse the reading material before you watch this video. Not that it is that gory, but the odd person is more squeamish then he might think.  Informational Video on […]