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Can I get my CovID shot from my doctor’s office?

Can I get my CovID shot from my doctor’s office?

We know you are hoping to get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and are seeking the latest information. Here is what we know now as of March 12, 2021.

AstraZeneca Vaccine: We have not received the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine in our clinic. The Astra Zeneca vaccine is being offered only to people ages 60-64 (if you are 60-64 as of the day of vaccination, or if you will be or have been 60-64 in 2021). It is available in pharmacies and some family doctors’ offices in certain health regions (not EOHU yet). We will let you know as soon as possible when the vaccine becomes available to us. Please do not call us to try to book an appointment. We need to keep our phone lines free for patients with immediate medical needs.

Vaccines for patients over 80 (born in 1941 or earlier):If you are 80 or older and do not live in a care home, your local public health unit will have details about vaccinations in your area. Please refer to your local health unit’s website weekly for updates. Provincial online system:Eligible residents will be able register for appointments starting on March 17. Stay tuned for link.

For more information about COVID vaccines visit the Ministry of Health website: Please be assured that we will let you know if we have any vaccine and if you are eligible to receive it from us. Please take the first vaccine offered to you.