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National River Family Health Organization

With our evolution to the National River Health Network, the method by which the Ontario Ministry of Health pays your doctor has changed. We are no longer paid each time we see you, but instead receive an annual fee to care for you.

This system rewards your doctor for keeping you healthy and has many implications for your care.

You may not be aware that, if you visit a non-specialist physician in any setting other than the emergency department, the fee charged by that doctor to the Ministry of Health is deducted from your family doctor’s salary.

This system was designed to promote the use of the family doctor for all aspects of your care and to discourage episodic visits to those who are not familiar with your history. We therefore ask that you take this factor into consideration when you visit a walk-in clinic or any other doctor that you have not been referred to by us and in turn we will do our best to be available for your needs.

Thank you for your time.