Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking
Appointment TypeFormatInstructions
In Person – 15 minsIn our officeThis appointment can be used for anything except. a) driver’s physical, b) baby visits c) vasectomy or d) diabetic visits. Please indicate what you would like to discuss when booking.
Phone – 15 minsPhone call. Do not come to our officeBe ready to receive a phone call 30 minutes prior to or 45 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. Your physician is calling from their personal cell phone so make sure you answer any “Private Number” calls. At the time of booking you will be prompted for the number to call.
Video – 15 mins Over the internet either on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Do not come to our office.Physician will speak with you You should receive an email 24-48 hours prior to the appointment containing a link that you will click on. Please test out both your audio and camera from this email prior to your appointment.
Driver’s physicalIn our office*see note below
Baby ShotsIn our officeThis appointment is for booking your baby’s immunizations.
*see note below
DiabeticIn our office*see note below
VasectomyIn our officePlease arrive (5) min prior to your appointment. Dr. Steele is doing both the consult and procedure at the same appointment. You should receive the Consent and Intake forms via email. Please complete these BEFORE your arrival. PLEASE NOTE: DR. STEELE DOES REQUIRE A REFERRAL LETTER FROM YOUR FAMILY PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO YOUR PROCEDURE DATE.
Please note: For any “In our office” arrive (5) mins prior to your scheduled time and check in with reception.